We have a wealth of experience and expertise working with sexual offenders and those affected by them. We have experience in groupwork and national training for the Community Sexual Offender Groupwork Programme. Our team has had national strategic experience in the Ministry of Justice, managing sexual offenders in the community.

We have held operational, training, teaching and strategic roles in the National Probation Service, Social Services, the charitable sector, higher education and research.


We offer a range of services in relation to work with sexual offenders:

  • High quality independent risk assessments on convicted or alleged sexual offenders including those who maintain their innocence, using the most up to date research.
  • Ongoing direct work with convicted or alleged sexual offenders to contribute to risk management.
  • Assessments on non-offending parents regarding their ‘ability to protect’ children in their care.
  • Direct work with non-offending parents to increase awareness and ability to protect.

Work with staff:

  • Case consultancy and supervision for those working with complex cases involving sexual offenders.
  • Bespoke training for staff teams to increase awareness of issues around sexual offending.

Other services:

  • Practice education with students of social work or criminology.
  • Direct work with other offenders eg, perpetrators of domestic abuse.

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